Spank Oozy Trail260 Evo 27.5" Rims

Spank Oozy Trail260 Evo 27.5" Rims

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For tough XC or Trail use!

The 27,5" Oozy Trail260 rim is perfect for the finest Trail shredding. Light, relative wide, solid and reliable. Thanks to the patented Oobah profile and the used materials, this wheel is even solid enough to be used regularly in Enduro mode. 

Spank's unique patented Oohbah™ profile with inverted tube well increases rigidity immensely compared to other rims currently available. Additionally Oohbah™ allows to optimize the design and drastically reduce weight to offer the toughest performance hoops in their price to weight ranges. 

The sectional profile is super rigid, while the BeadNip™ ensures that the tire remains in the bead seat even while riding at minimal tire pressure. The nip also reduces the risk of pinch flats. 

Dynamal is a dynamically aged, complex and highly magnesium-silicon-copper enriched alloy. Compared to conventional alloy types, it shows significantly increased tensile strength and yield, without compromising fatigue life. Dynamal offers unmatched rigidity and resistance to permanent deformation.

28 Holes / Disc Specific

Weight: 440g

Color: Red

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