The Sickest Trail Ever - Vink Line in Châtel Bikepark

"I'm super happy to get the chance of building a line like this in one of Europe's most respected resorts. I really appreciate that Châtel trust us to build our vision of a bikepark line and to share it with the people riding bikes. I would like to thank my buddy Kristof Lenssens, who built the line with me and Ben Walker, who created the opportunities. Personally, it's one of the funniest lines I've ever ridden. It's a nice mix of jumps, berms and line choices. The first laps we did with Kristof and Vinny where so much fun, we were screaming and laughing all the way down. You feel like you need to pull out to rest but you're having so much fun it's impossible to stop and you end up doing full laps all the time" Nico Vink

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Nico Vink is obviously up there with all the best of the lunatics. Kristof Lenssens, Nico’s BFF and fellow World Cup competitor is probably one too. And yeah, those guys shaped a new flow line in Châtel, so you know it’s going to be a total snooze.

Not to let a little thing like the Fest series slow him down (you know, that ridiculous session where all the best riders come together to ride on the most insane features on the planet?), Nico and his homeboy Kristof spent almost two months in the off season (re)shaping the sickest flow line in the Châtel bike park. Given a slightly misleading blue rating, the Vink line descends 300m over its 1.8 km and is rideable by anyone. If you’re not the kind to mash on the levers all the way down, then you’re probably going to log some air time too. Peppered with an ample selection of kicks and tables, each with a built-in option for upping the ante, the Vink line is a trail for every rider who loves flow, who loves massive bermed g-outs, and who wants to hit that last feature just a little bit faster and go a little bit further. If you’re a noob and aren't quite sure you’re ready for that road gap, there’s a chicken line right next to each feature that’s just as fun to ride. It’s a massive rollercoaster of a line no matter the rider level.

nico vink châtel bikepark whip looseriders vinnyt vincent tupin

When the guys began designing the new track, they wanted a super fun trail that anyone could ride, and that everyone could progress on. They wanted to build a line on which riders can test themselves and improve, but that is still on a track that is built for incremental progress. You don’t have to go from the little table straight to the road gap. They also wanted to build a trail that tweaked some familiar features and might give riders a fresh perspective. Take for example our humble bermed turn. While, it’s true, some of the turns on the Vink line fulfill all of the speed scrubbing re-directing duties of any normal berm in the world, some of these berms are wall-riding monsters with near pants-shitting g-outs. Even the expected features are delightfully maniacal on this family-friendly/test-pilot worthy adventure. So take the lift up, put on your grown up pants, close your eyes and GO. But first, take a minute to allow Nico, VinnyT, and Kristof to show you exactly what the Vink line is all about.

Video filmed and edited by Shaperideshoot.
Music: Outlaw by Luke Atencio, licensed through Musicbed.
Text by Mike Sakas.


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