New York City - Photo Epic

New York is probably my favourite city in the world. It's always such a pleasure to spend some time there. Definitely a good place to relax between two shootings and enjoy walking around, making the most of great food, nice people and breathtaking views. Last time I came to NY I went to the Top of the Rock during the day. What a surprise when I got there at night this time! This is probably the best way to describe NYC.  Located in "Dumbo", right below the Brooklyn Bridge, The River Café has the most stunning view of the river and Manhattan. Unfortunately it was closed when we went there for Sunday Brunch, so we can't give more details. Statue Cruises is the only way to get close to the Statue of Liberty. Expect quite a long wait though. I much prefer enjoying it from the coast or jumping on one of the free Staten Island Ferries which get you close enough to admire this iconic American symbol. They are free and are definitely the best way to get a panoramic view of Manhattan and it's skyline. Hop on just a bit before sunset and I guarantee you an epic moment. A must do if you happen to visit NY in the future. Rooftops view from the Manhattan bridge. There are plenty of things to see there for those who are curious enough to give it a look. Our best spot was a guy watching Star Wars on a big screen with his dog at night. Manhattan Bridge from "Dumbo". You don't really realise how much stuff is hidden underneath when you are walking on the bridge. This old man must have spent a lot of time in Battery Park feeding seagulls. His biscuit trick was well-rehearsed. The Dead Rabbit is considered as one of the best bars in the world. Didn't have time to visit it this trip, but hopefully I'll be back soon to try it out. The new World Trade Center is dominated by the Freedom Tower, here on the right side. What a strange feeling walking there when you think about what happened. Sunset is definitely amazing from the ferry. The Brooklyn Bridge on a Sunday morning.

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